Having a breakfast outside while following a low sodium diet is not easy. For instance, at IHOP there are many omelettes like Hearty Ham & Cheese Omelette or Colorado Omelette, which have more than 2,000 mgs of sodium each.

Do not fret! There is a way to get a delicious omelette at IHOP with less than 500 mgs of sodium. Here is what you do:

IHOP offers an option to create your own omelette. You ask your waiter to create a plain omelette with egg substitutes. This has 320 mgs of sodium. If you prefer egg over egg substitute, your plain omelette will have 500 mgs of sodium instead of 320 mgs.

So, let's say you go with the plain omelette with egg substitute. Then you ask to add Swiss cheese (90 mgs of sodium), green peppers & onions (no sodium), tomatoes (no sodium) and mushrooms (no sodium). So your total sodium bill comes up to 410 (320 + 90) mgs of sodium! If you like, you can also add fresh spinach to your omelette for additional 45 mgs of sodium.

As a side to your omelette, you can get "seasonal fresh fruit", which has no sodium.

If you prefer set meal options instead of customizing your order, then SIMPLE & FIT veggie omelette with fresh fruit has 420 mgs of sodium. Also, SIMPLE & FIT seasonal fresh fruit crepes have 430 mgs of sodium (140 mgs of cholesterol though!).

By the way, an IHOP's plain Belgian waffle (one waffle) has 520 mgs of sodium and 95 mgs of cholesterol, while a SINGLE buttermilk pancake has 540 mgs of sodium and 26 mgs of cholesterol.

Please note that IHOP's Hearty Dinner Favorites are NOT very heart healthy!

Low sodium meal idea:

Create your plain omelette with egg substitute, then add Swiss cheese, green peppers & onions, tomatoes and mushrooms + Seasonal fresh fruit = 410 mgs of sodium and 55 mgs of cholesterol. If you exclude Swiss cheese, the omelette/fruit combo has 320 mgs of sodium and 10 mgs of cholesterol.

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